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Under 12
Under 14
Under 16
1 Condon, FletcherMurwillumbah Cricket Club0070
2 Bertram, Cooper JTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club01300
3 Barnes, William CAlstonville & District Junior Cricket Club01100
4 Kernaghan, RyanLennox Head Cricket Club01000
5 Kernaghan, BlakeLennox Head Cricket Club00100
6 Asser, RussellLennox Head Cricket Club00100
7 Thornton, PatrickLennox Head Cricket Club0080
8 Whitney, BaileyLennox Head Cricket Club0040
9 Asser, CharlesLennox Head Cricket Club00100
10 Garrett, KadeAlstonville & District Junior Cricket Club01000
11 SLATTERY, Ari JTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club0800
12 HIGGINS, AustinTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club11400
13 McClintock, Hamish CTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club0060
14 Peenz, Anton AMurwillumbah Cricket Club0070
15 Peenz, Jacques JMurwillumbah Cricket Club01200
16 Thomas-Borger, Jet JLennox Head Cricket Club01400
17 Alley, RyanAlstonville & District Junior Cricket Club01000
18 Job, RyanAlstonville & District Junior Cricket Club01100
19 Maladay, Caelan DLennox Head Cricket Club0040
20 Freer, DarbyTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club0080
21 EASTERBROOK, HUGH JCudgen Cricket Club0020
22 CULLEN, JACKCudgen Cricket Club0010
23 Cronin, OliverLennox Head Cricket Club0090
24 Richards, BrynCudgen Cricket Club0030
25 Weir, JakeCudgen Cricket Club01100
26 Weir, SamCudgen Cricket Club01100
27 FRAPPELL, KyeTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club01400
28 Acret, CoenLennox Head Cricket Club01300
29 Parker, Willis HTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club0050
30 Brown, Aidan JMurwillumbah Cricket Club01200
31 Corliss, JackPottsville Cricket Club01400
32 Hill, NoahMurwillumbah Cricket Club01300
33 Watson, MawganByron Bay Cricket Club Inc01200
34 Kilpatrick, TyCudgen Cricket Club01100
35 Barnwell, JesseTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club0080
36 Orlanno, KurtTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club0070
37 Everest, LiamMurwillumbah Cricket Club0070
38 Kennedy, MichaelBangalow Cricket Club3600
39 McPhail, AnthonyBangalow Cricket Club01200
40 Alcock, SpencerBangalow Cricket Club01100
41 Crabtree, JackBangalow Cricket Club0300
42 Vickers, ZacMurwillumbah Cricket Club0070
43 Barnard, JaiMurwillumbah Cricket Club01300
44 Davidson, Jacob RMurwillumbah Cricket Club01200
45 Watkins, BlakeMurwillumbah Cricket Club0900
46 bryant, oskar rCudgen Cricket Club0030
47 bryant, parker jCudgen Cricket Club0030
48 Caspersz, IsaacCudgen Cricket Club15000
49 Buttenshaw, JoshTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club01300
50 Chapman, NoahCudgen Cricket Club0030
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Total Records: 395   Page: 1 of 8   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8]>Next
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